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#thankfulthursday for this wonderful woman who continues to save my life each and every day ❤️ you’re my bestfriend👭, and I couldn’t imagine going through all these obstacles with anybody else baby. You’re my number 1⃣, and I’m so proud to call you mine, if I could I would shout it all across the world🌎. I’m thankful for your love, your heart, and every breath you take. I’m thankful that every day is a new adventure with you 🚗💨 and I can’t wait for the adventures soon to come 🎆⛺️🌆💒 I’m most thankful though, for the way you’ve loved me honestly and truthfully, better than anyone else has. You have my heart baby, I love you, unconditionally ❤️💫 #girlfriend #122313
I love you.

I miss my girl so much. But let me tell you about her, I bet she’s better than your girl. She’s got these breathtaking blue eyes that completely stop me in my tracks whenever I catch a glimpse of them, and she could hold me in her stare for hours on end. And her smile…oh my god, get ready to catch me because her smile is so wonderful and contagious. Whenever she giggles or laughs after doing something silly or dumb I can’t help but smile back and laugh with her. When she smiles her eyes squint up and that’s when you can tell she’s smiling for real, and not just to have it on her face. And every time she gets all dressed up, I admire it. I don’t want her to think that when she tries really hard I don’t appreciate it because I do. Secretly, I fall in love with her a little bit more. She’s the first girl that’s tried just as hard as I have. And I love it. I love her. And I love that she isn’t weak. She’s so strong but goddamn sometimes she so strong that her stubbornness gets the best of her. And it pisses me off. But that’s good. Because that means I care for her. A lot. And if she gets pissed off that’s good too, because that means she cares about me. But let me tell you. The first time I picked her up and she smiled at me, I knew I was a goner and she was a keeper. Even better though, she broke my door handle on the first date. But that’s okay. Because I wasn’t even mad when it happened. I laughed and I was happy. Are you listening? Because my girl is the greatest thing that is still happening to me. Ever since the first time I laid eyes on her to the last second we share the same breath. I’ll continue to love her more and more, every single day. And I swear, that when I’m sitting on the porch with her, in our matching rocking chairs, with all our kids and their kids and maybe even their kids running around, I’ll love her the most, and she will be even more beautiful to me if that’s even possible. Did you get all that? Do you understand how amazing my girl is, how much I love and cherish her?

oh hi :)
I wuv yew <3
we had a cake fight :p
merp, my girl <3

5.10.12 :) I made her mine.

my girlllll <3

I want a girlfriend that I can send good morning/night texts to wah :c

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